Monday, November 26, 2007

Karnataka Raaj : Bargain of Dalals

Current political turbulence in Karnataka is a outcome of valuation problem of asset sharing among political parties . It was long lasting bargains going for about three years, on the all the bargains one of common beneficiary was Deve Gowda (:P).
The activity shows that whenever there was chance of review loss of gunda he used to look for other Dalal to bargains and all these Dalal are ready for the dalali of the state .
All the these Dalal's Gunda seems to be the Clear winner as far as strategy is concern ..
the Day election result came out gunda realizes that he will be the king or king maker and he strategies as follows:
1 Create a Public perception there are difference between gunda and his son Kumarswamy to create alliance with congress Gunda will be the front runner and for Kumarswamy will be used for alliance with BJP.
2. Whenever needed pull down the government.

And our two national parties are not far behind on the drama they were well aware of the Gunda’s Strategy, for them : “ Something is better than nothing “. It’s all about power and money game.
It was shame to live in a place where chief minister openly says that : “ I am not going to keep my promises” . By this its evident the concerned person is not at all bothered about his promises , he just need to have money and power.
As he says that he failed to keep his promises just because of BJP’s Track record & the fact he sought for support was well known to him before he made the promises. I cannot say that was a wise statement, rather I will ask people not elect him for any form of election in future only because of his above statement .
Now comes to Yedi , he was desperate to become a CM and he did it but later he realized that was not a economically good bargains because he has to leave lot of assent to greedy gunda .
What about the congress they were the first people to get fooled by gunda , but I could buy their justification , to me this time they did not go for it just because they feared to be fool again.

This article is just to convey my feelings about the current political crisis of Karnataka. It shows low esteem of our today’s leaders. It’s clear that we don’t have choice to select a good leader but select the less corrupted (Hardly any measurement available) government.

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