Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nandigram : CPM's Gunda Raj

What is democracy? And Abraham Lincoln has the best answer :
“Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

And here comes todays Democracy : " Government is by the party,for the party "
this is what reflects the action of West Bengal Government when chief minister Budhadev
says that its payback time by his CPM caders to the people of Nandigram .

His support to the heinous act of his party workers shows the ugly side of our democracy where a leader is concern about his party and party workers with the cost of country/state/people .

Gundaraj in Nandigram is not only supported , it is the raj of CPM party .
Now we should look out for the answer why a ruling party needs a supported government under its own jurisdiction and the answer lies on the ugliest truth of our democracy.

Lets analyze the available options of the government :

1. Single platform to meet all the concern party :
This is not viable for CPM party because they fears it could be interpreted as sign of weakness and government is determined that they are most powerful gunda :(.

2. Taking Help from a Central government :
Even though CPM is the allies of the central goverment still they fears that central could expose reality to pressure left outburst against Congress policies.

3. Give assurance to the people of Nandigram of no land accusation:
This is just not acceptable by CPM ego.

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