Saturday, December 15, 2007

ROR or Java?

You are ready with your idea. What next ?
To decide Which Platform/technology to use comes with many parameters.
Here are few parameters i had to consider to decide whether to use ROR or Java ..
1. Cost : Money was the initial constraint for us because we decided not go for an investor and on this ROR is the clear winner over java ( With My Investigation).
2. Scalability : As we got a dream idea and we expected it to be taking shapes and size over time scalability makes one decisive factor to decide for java.
3. Expertise : The core point of the inception of the idea for us was our technical expertise and we are a java expert having experience on delivery large scale java based project makes us more comfortable for java. It's a fact that ROR can be learned very easily ,but when we talk about scalability and high level security java is a clear winner.

The verdict for us was java for being winner on the two decisive factors.
But if not tomorrow i am sure with coming months/years with so much interest and Ruby's strength will make ROR the winner on the fight .

Coming Next for my Blogs is
1. Political implication of Gujarat election on India.
2. ROR starter Guide .
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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Get Rid Of Out of Memory problem

One of Key challenges i faced on my last project is to get rid of Out of memory problem. Here are the few things one can do to avoid the problem :
1. Increase the Heap size on Application server. ( This solution is not permanent one and for a large application this will not result any significance improvement )

2. On your code make sure that all the Object destroyed after use. Please read the detail article from How to Handle Java Finalization's Memory-Retention Issues.

Wish this article helped you to get rid of memory Problem ,

How to Stay secure on Internet

With growing concern of Internet Fraud and Phishing makes people scared about making financial transaction on internet. Here are the Few Things will ensure you of secure transaction:
1. To get rid of phishing , don't use any links received by emails or got from an untrusted website. For banking transaction type the URL to make sure that you are visiting the correct site.
2. Before typing any personal or financial data Check if any Malicious software is running or not . Use Windows malicious software removal tool to remove the Malicious software , Click Here For Details.

3. Once finished clear all the data from your computer. For Firefox Tools->Clear Private Data & for IE Tools->Internet Options and click on Delete cookies,Delete Files and Clear History .

Njoy Secure Browsing,