Saturday, December 15, 2007

ROR or Java?

You are ready with your idea. What next ?
To decide Which Platform/technology to use comes with many parameters.
Here are few parameters i had to consider to decide whether to use ROR or Java ..
1. Cost : Money was the initial constraint for us because we decided not go for an investor and on this ROR is the clear winner over java ( With My Investigation).
2. Scalability : As we got a dream idea and we expected it to be taking shapes and size over time scalability makes one decisive factor to decide for java.
3. Expertise : The core point of the inception of the idea for us was our technical expertise and we are a java expert having experience on delivery large scale java based project makes us more comfortable for java. It's a fact that ROR can be learned very easily ,but when we talk about scalability and high level security java is a clear winner.

The verdict for us was java for being winner on the two decisive factors.
But if not tomorrow i am sure with coming months/years with so much interest and Ruby's strength will make ROR the winner on the fight .

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