Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Money is the King : MP Trading is a Reality

After yesterdays trust vote win of Monmohan's government on lot of new channel i heard " Sing is King " but I will rather say that "money is king".
Once again our MPs shows us what they are known for. Even it is subjected to enquiry whether the bribe was given or not, it is clear that trust vote did not got people trust.
Here are things which make trust Vote win for UPA failed to get people trust:
1. Allies with SP: It is decade long enmity between SP and congress & everyone knows why all of sudden they are together.
2. The day Shibu Soren announced support for UPA it was evident government is ready to give any price to save the government. Today Our politician prefers money & power over moral values.
3. Trading of MPs.
To say least what we saw on last few days is the dirty side of Indian politics.
And to do at least we all Indian should cast our vote.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Does Oposition party has to oppose always

It seems that the people who are in opposition have to oppose all policy and steps taken by government.
To me the primary responsibility of opposition party is to stop government taking wrong decisions, but what happening in india is reverse. People are opposing right decision and supporting wrong decision, just see the opposition position on Reservation Bill and Nuclear deal.
It’s time for the netas to realize that in 24/7 news channel they are on the scanner of people eyes and has to behave intelligently.
Let’s be a responsible citzen of india and try to cast your vote on analyzing the performance of both Government and opposition parties.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How do astronauts eat in space?

I found this interesting article .. Pls follow the link for the article:

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Are fax-ed document guarantees the legitimacy of documents?

I wondered why people/organization consider faxed document as a legitimate document when there are many loopholes on the process. This article help me to understand it better.
To read the article please visit :

Thursday, February 14, 2008

ROR starter Guide .

For last couple of days i was thinking of writing a Tutorial on Ruby on Rails , but because of my time constraint i could not manage to make one.
This article will help you to start with ROR.
1. Install ROR from
2. Start building you application from the available tutorial from

Working on my own tutorial, still then get some expertise :P.

Political implication of Gujarat election on India

Gujarati’s are the people defines india on many ways starting from the Gandhi’s way , Dhirubhai Ambanii’s way to our modern day Gujarat king Narendra Bhai’s way.
Let’s go straight to the Gujarat election which shows us, sad state of political establishment where people want vote just for the reason that they are belongs to a particular community.
To me to fight any election agenda has to be very clear and convincing to the people and then comes the strategy which realizes the agenda to a reality.
Congress agenda: Fight this election against Narendra modi.
BJP Agenda : Isolate voters in terms of community and create a perception that we are developing.
To me the congress got the agenda very wrongly, when we talk about developing country like india its election agenda should focus on the development issues not a personal issue. If we talk about the strategy followed by congress it’s just that they unsuccessfully tries to convince people not to vote Narendra Modi (not even BJP) that’s makes them to die on the election.
As far as Narendra bhai is concern congress’s weak strategy makes him automatic winner and he shows how to use media for “Negative marketing” .
To conclude this election has few things which will redefine Indian future election strategy:
1. Community card is not Going to work anymore. Because none of these criminals (politician) is not for masses , some people are banking on Muslim’s vote ,some are banking on Backward classes vote, some are banking on Hindu community……. This infinite list.
Is there any political party which is not communal?
2. Our criminals are going to realize the fact it important to tell people why to vote them not other way why not to vote others.